Wedding Limousines

Your Wedding Transportation

A limousine is more than just a means of getting to and from the wedding ceremony and reception sites. If was just a matter of simple transportation you'd use your car. A limousine is part of the allure that surrounds a wedding. Like renting a tuxedo, renting a limousine is reserved for special occasions - and what's more special than your wedding?

Start your search for a limousine by getting referrals from newlywed friends. If you don't know anyone that's used a limousine recently ask the reception site or caterer for suggestions. The wedding industry can be surprisingly tight-knit at times with many vendors knowing one another.

Call multiple limousine services and compare prices. Rates start at approximately $50 per hour. This doesn't include the mandatory 15% tip. You'll likely require the limousine no less than 5 hours, so figure on spending at least $300. That number will likely be higher during the busy prom and wedding season. If you're not picky about color you could save approximately 10% by opting for a limousine that's not white, black or silver.

Reserve your limousine at least 6 months in advance, especially if your wedding is between May and August. Limousines come in different sizes to accommodate different numbers of passengers. A super-stretch limousine will carry 10-12 passengers, while a standard-stretch limousine will carry 6 passengers. The limousine should provide enough room that the bride and bridesmaids don't wrinkle their dresses.

When you've narrowed down some choices go and physically check out the limousine. It's surprising how some people define "luxury". Ensure the limousine is certified and safe for the roads and the driver has a clean driving record. Confirm that the driver will be wearing a tasteful uniform (black jacket, pants and tie, white shirt). If the limousine looks rundown or downright dilapidated go somewhere else.

If possible try to get some "extras" thrown in - a TV might be nice, but a complimentary bottle of champagne would be even better!

Once the details have been worked out get everything in a contract. The contract should outline specifically the length of the rental (how many hours), departure and arrival times, and the color and type (size) of limousine. Once the contract has been signed you'll be required to give a deposit.

Last, but not least, ensure the driver knows where he's going. If necessary, provide a map!

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