Beach Wedding Brides

Breezy and Beautiful

Nothing says summer loving quite like the beach! And a beach wedding calls for bridal attire that fits the occasion.

Beach wedding brides bring to mind soft, flowing, feminine dresses and bridal attire that's a tad more casual.

For the blithe bride who's dreamed of reciting her wedding vows to the sound of lapping waves, a beach wedding is your dream wedding location.

However, if you have a ballerina gown and a matching tiara in mind a beach wedding isn't for you. High heels and a bouffant bridal gown with a long train will be too hot, stiff and uncomfortable for the beach. Instead, consider some of the following beach wedding bridal attire ideas:

  • Beach brides should consider a wedding gown made of an airy, lightweight fabric such as organza, chiffon or even a cotton blend. A wedding dress made of heavy satin or clingy silk will make you sweat profusely and ruin your makeup.
  • Choose a tea-length (just below the knee) or even a ballet-length (to the ankles) dress. A floor length wedding dress or a train will get soiled and you might trip on it in the sand.
  • Have some fun and go barefoot! You can't walk in stilettos in the sand and there's no better feeling then warm sand between your toes. If you're going for a more formal beach wedding wear dressy flat sandals. Casual beach brides could paint their toe nails and wear flip-flops with matching colorful flowers attached.
  • Carefree beach brides would look cheery and beautiful in a thin white cotton sundress. Dress up your bridal dress by putting flowers in your hair.
  • Do like Pamela Anderson and wear a white bikini. Line your beach wedding aisle with rose petals and carry a matching bouquet.
  • For a true Island wedding, wear an airy white sarong and a matching tube top.
  • If you're marrying on the beach in Hawaii wear a grass skirt and hand-strung Hawaiian lei. Wear a vivid tropical flower in your hair.
  • If you're an adventurous bride wear scuba gear and take the "plunge" with your groom.
  • If you don't want to give up the elaborate wedding dress get married on a yacht at sunset or marry inside a hotel with a beachfront view.
  • Remember to wear sunscreen on exposed skin and also under your makeup.
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