Bridal Jewelry

Pretty Wedding Accessories

A little sparkle never hurt any blushing bride! And the perfect bridal jewelry - be it a classic strand of pearls, a rhinestone choker or an antique cameo pendant - can make a simple strapless wedding gown the most splendid sight ever beheld.

Pearls are perhaps the bridal jewelry that garners the most gab. But this might be because of the rich tradition behind them. In ancient Rome the pearl was seen as the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing; Greeks associated pearls with love and marriage and believed that any woman who wore a pearl necklace would have a harmonious marriage; knights in the dark ages wore pearls as amulets of protection; and in many countries throughout Europe only royals were permitted to wear pearls.

Today's brides wear pearls as a symbol of tradition. Pearls are the most common 'something borrowed' item on the bride's checklist and many pieces of pearl bridal jewelry are handed down as family heirlooms from grandmother, to mother, to daughters on their respective wedding days.

Bride's trying to attain a 'timeless' look will usually feature pearls among their bridal jewelry ensemble. However, many modern brides opt for brilliant-colored stones such as amber, sapphire or ruby pendants for a more updated wedding look.

Bridal jewelry often includes a number of pieces - including the engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, earrings, bracelets and maybe even a watch. But perhaps the most obvious piece of bridal jewelry is the necklace, especially when worn with strapless or open-neck wedding gowns. However, there are plenty of necklaces to choose from. For example:

Chokers -a typical Victorian style necklace design, often made up of more than one strand of pearls or stones, which is fabulous with v-neck wedding gowns.

Princess-cut - sits in the hollow of the neck and collarbone and it is ideal with high or square necklines.

Opera-style - a long strand falling below the bust. Ideal with extreme plunging necklines, otherwise called JLo necklines.

Matinee-length - extends to the top of the bust and sits perfectly with sheer necklines or cowl neck gowns.

Rope-length - hangs just below the waist and is becoming popular with backless wedding gowns when draped down a bride's naked back.

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