Bridal Shoes

Your Wedding Footwear

On her wedding day a bride wants to look her best from her head right down to her toes. Bridal shoes are a very important part of your wedding day. Even if they are covered by a long bridal gown bridal shoes should provide the proper comfort and support to keep a bride on her beautiful toes all day long!

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing your bridal shoes:

Fit - Your bridal shoes should supply the maximum level comfort on your big day! You will be on your feet all day long - from the wedding ceremony to dancing at the reception. So, be sure to pick bridal shoes in the size, width and heel height that you normally wear. Choosing a pair of bridal shoes just because they look good isn't a wise decision and your feet will end up suffering and ruining your night. If you find a pair of bridal shoes you just can't pass up - it's best to choose the size larger and use padded heel and insoles for a comfortable fit.

Color - Most bridal shoes come in a standard stark white color. However, bridal gowns are generally diamond white, champagne, off-white or white with pink, coco and blue tints, which will look awful with pure white bridal shoes. Before purchasing your bridal shoes make sure the shoe store offers free shoe dying. If they do they will ask for a swatch of your dress in order to match the color properly. If your wedding gown is floor length you may not care about the color of your bridal shoes, but remember when you're sitting at the reception and in wedding photographs your shoes might make an appearance.

Fabric - Bridal shoe fabric should match as closely as possible with your dress material. Because most wedding gowns are crepe or chiffon, a shoe fabric called 'boca crepe', which is less shiny than satin, compliments crepe, chiffon or other matte bridal gown fabrics. However, if your wedding gown is satin, satin shoes will match the best.

Tint - You might never consider how important the tint of your bridal shoes is. Tint refers to the dramatic change a surface undergoes in different shades of light. For example, in the store your bridal shoes might appear pure white, but outside under the sun they might take on a yellowish hue. When ordering your bridal shoes you should let the shoe consultant know if your wedding is an indoor or outdoor affair so they can ensure the proper tint.

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