Bridal Stores

Guide to Bridal Salons

When you hear the first few notes of Wagner's 'Wedding March' all eyes will be on the bride. Bridal stores will be your first stop when making your dream wedding look a reality. Consultants at bridal stores can help you sort through the myriad of styles, colors and fabrics and make your fantasy bridal gown a reality.

Before making an appointment with the bridal store:

  • Rip out pictures of the dresses you like from magazines.
  • View wedding websites, attend bridal shows and browse bridal boutiques.
  • Bring details of your wedding theme/style, size and location of your reception.
  • Have a budget in mind.
  • Get bridal store referrals from friends and relatives.
  • Set up an appointment with the bridal salon (6 to 12 months before your wedding date).

Before you arrive at the bridal store the consultant will have set aside some wedding gowns that compliment your figure and budget. Even though you might not like some of the styles she chooses, try them all on. Most wedding gowns look different on than they do on the mannequin or hanger.

  • Make an appointment with a reputable bridal salon and let the consultant know what type of wedding you're planning before you show up.
  • Take along a friend or relative whose honesty and good taste you can count on -you'll need an objective opinion.
  • Choose a gown that makes the most of your figure.
  • There are many fabrics and shades to choose from find the textures and hues that flatter your complexion.
  • Choose a veil that's appropriate to the style of your wedding.
  • When shopping for veils and headpieces style your hair as you'll wear it at the ceremony.
  • At dress fittings, wear the same heel height and type of undergarments you'll wear on your wedding day.
  • Wear appropriate undergarments and take off your socks!
  • Wear your hair up or down (depending on how you will choose to wear it on your wedding day).
  • Wear full makeup.
  • Take a digital camera along and take pictures of you wearing each wedding dress you like if you leave undecided.
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