Bridal Tiaras & Headpieces

Fit for a Princess

An elegant way to attach your bridal veil to your hairstyle, while adding to your wedding ensemble, is with a bridal tiara or headpiece. A bridal tiara or headpiece is meant to draw attention to your face by framing it, but the wrong shape can overwhelm a bride's face or accentuate wide cheeks or a wide forehead.

If you have a round face - choose a tiara that forms into a peak to thin your face.
If you have an oval face - tiaras with peaks will make your face appear longer. Any flatter style tiara or headpiece will be a more attractive choice.
If you have a long face - stick to an even headpiece of woven flowers or a tiara with little height.
If you have a full face - lengthen your face with a tiara or headpiece with an exaggerated peak in the middle.
If you have a heart-shaped face - wear a tiara or headpiece with multi heights or step-style layers that will draw attention away from a pointy chin.

The style of bridal tiara or headpiece you choose should also compliment your wedding dress and the hairstyle you pick for your big day. For example:

  • Your bridal tiara should co-ordinate with your wedding dress not overpower it.
  • If your wedding gown is an antique or medieval design choose an antique tiara or a circlet of silk ribbons.
  • A Juliet cap which fits snugly onto the crown of the head and is ornately decorated with pearls and sequins is the perfect match with a 1920's gown.
  • If your wedding gown has flower details choose a floral wreath headpiece of silk flowers.
  • Brides wearing a dress suit would look great with a picture hat headpiece - a large brimmed hat decorated with lace and beads.
  • If your wedding gown has rhinestone details choose a rhinestone tiara.
  • If your wedding dress has gold, silver or pearl accents choose a similar tiara.
  • Silver tiaras with rhinestones look best with a white wedding gown.
  • Gold tiaras with rhinestones look best with a champagne or off-white gown.
  • Bridal tiaras and headpieces should also coordinate with your wedding jewelry.
  • Ask your hairstylist to recommend hairstyles suitable with tiaras.
  • Bring your tiara to your hair salon rehearsal.
  • Delicate tiaras and headband-style headpieces should be worn with short hair.
  • Elaborate and heavy headpieces can be worn with thick hair and layered up-dos.
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