Used Wedding Dresses

Shop Around for a Fab Deal

The phrase "one person's hand-me-down is another's treasure" certainly applies to wedding gowns. In fact, many brides find their dream wedding gown in a used clothing store for half the price they'd pay for a new wedding gown in a bridal boutique. So instead of paying top dollar for a run of the mill bridal gown off a sales rack, why not rescue a one-of-a-kind wedding dress and add a sense of romance and uniqueness to your wedding day.

Used wedding gowns are treasures for brides looking to evoke a certain era or historic theme into their wedding day. Many rare vintage wedding dresses can be worn by the bride to call to mind certain historic periods - for example the Victorian era, Medieval era, or the 1920's, 30's, 40's or 50's. And you can probably bet that your dress won't have been spotted at any other weddings that season.

The most common ways to find a used wedding dress or a vintage wedding gown is at your local thrift store, at antique clothing stores, at yard or garage sales, in the classified section of the newspaper or via Internet auction sites. Used wedding dresses can cost between $25 and $2,000, depending on the dress's current condition, its uniqueness, as well as the workmanship that went into it. As well, since the term 'vintage' has become a bit trendy it sometimes raises the price tag. Avoid paying too much for a used dress by scanning thrift stores or second hand clothing stores before visiting so-called vintage clothing stores.

Although you might have to do some digging at a thrift store, it is possible to find used wedding dresses made with better quality then many current wedding dresses. So if you do find a vintage wedding dress suitable in size, be sure to examine the dress's condition, (for example silk and lace tend to disintegrate over time). If you are unable to find a suitable fitting dress, try having a new dress made by using parts of an already existing used wedding dress for inspiration. This will ensure a one-of-a-kind bride on her wedding day!

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