Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Create Your Fantasy Gown

Every bride has spent time daydreaming about her picture perfect wedding dress. As a little girl she may have already chosen every design feature including the wedding gown's fabric, the silhouette, the color, right down to the detailing. However, finding her fantasy gown on a real-life store mannequin might be a delusion. Instead of settling for a typical bridal gown on the rack why not consider designing your own wedding dress?

Brides who are experienced sewers and have the right sewing equipment can make the wedding dress of dreams a reality. Even brides who are all thumbs with a needle but have a little dress design imagination can ask a sewing savvy friend or family member to combine all her favorite wedding gown details into her fantasy gown. Today's brides can even design their own wedding dress with the help of dress design and embroidery computer software programs available online.

If you're contemplating designing and sewing the wedding gown of your dreams here are a few tips:

  • Begin designing your wedding gown as soon as you begin planning the wedding to allow time for the design process, the sewing, the fittings and the ordering of fabrics and materials.
  • Try on various wedding dress styles and silhouettes at bridal shops, and flip through bridal magazines for style, fabric and dress feature inspiration.
  • If you want to update your mother's or grandmother's heirloom wedding gown, add some modern touches such as a new neckline, new jewelry and shoes. Or make the gown sleeveless for a modern update. You can also incorporate pieces of an heirloom gown to your own new design to give special meaning to a wedding dress of your own design.
  • If you aren't brave enough to design and sew your own wedding gown, purchase a simple gown and add smaller personal touches to it. For example add some pearlized buttons down the back of your wedding gown, add rhinestone trim around the neckline or add silk flowers to your wedding veil.
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