Flower Girl Dress

Dreamy Dresses for Little Girls

The flower girl walks the bridal processional for a brief moment, but in that brief moment when she scatters her rose petals down the aisle, she is the center of attention. All flower girls are a heavenly vision; a halo of flowers upon their heads, a decorated petal basket in hand and the dreamiest dress a girl could ask for. It doesn't matter if the flower girl's dress is simple or elaborate; the flower girl is a charming and cherubic harbinger of the bride to come.

Traditionally, the style and design of the flower girls' dress reflects the formality and theme of the wedding. You also want the dress to reflect the age of the flower girl. Most flower girls are in between the ages of four and nine - you want to dress them appropriately.

If you are throwing an outdoor wedding or less formal indoor affair, a simple dress with clean lines, delicate picot edging or pretty beading is a lovely choice for a young flower girl. Sometimes, choosing a simple dress in the same color as your bridesmaid dresses and adding a few embellishments is all that is needed. Consider adding a satin ribbon around the waist or attaching a silk flower at the back of the dress in place of a bow - make sure the flower matches the main flower in the bride's bouquet and it will be another simple, yet beautiful touch.

For a young flower girl, make sure the flower girl dress you choose is made of soft materials such as cotton or satin. The dress will be more comfortable for a girl at the tender age of four. A cotton or satin dress won't restrict your flower girl's movements or irritate her tender skin - but it will flow nicely as she drifts down the aisle.

If you are throwing a formal wedding, an elaborate flower girl dress brimming with layers and layers of tulle and taffeta, or one that emulates the bridesmaid dresses, is more suiting. This dress can be the same color, shape or design as the bridesmaid dresses, but it should not be an exact copy. Reserve the strapless dresses and plunging necklines for the bridesmaids alone and keep the flower girls' dress demure and appropriate for her age.

If you want your flower girl to feel like a true princess, you can opt for the most elaborate style of flower girl dress available - a miniature version of a wedding gown minus the veil and train, of course. Although, Hispanic wedding tradition dresses the flower girl in full bridal regalia - dress, veil, and even a miniature version of the bridal bouquet! This miniature bride aka flower girl is a symbol of the bride's childhood and her future children.

Although a flower girl of any age can wear a dress as elaborate as the bridal gown replica, you will want to hem the dress well above the ankles. No one wants to see a beautiful flower girl trip on the hem of her skirt as she walks down the aisle or dances at the reception. If your flower girl is closer to age of two or three, remember to check the length of the dress - toddlers are unsteady on their feet.

Typically, the flower girl's parents cover the cost of her dress, shoes and accessories and the couple covers the cost of the flower basket, flower petals, floral bouquets or floral hair wreaths. While the bride makes the final decision when choosing the flower girl dress, it is always gracious to provide the parents with several options. Choose a selection of dresses in different price ranges for the parents to choose from - it will show how much you want their dear daughter in your wedding party.

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