Informal Bridal Dress

Simple and Stylish

Informal wedding dresses have become very popular among no-nonsense brides many of who are marrying for the second time, or who just prefer a simpler, more casual looking wedding dress - without a train.

Informal weddings are non traditional meaning they might take place the afternoon or evening hours or perhaps in a location other then a church, chapel or another place of worship. Most informal weddings are intimate affairs with less than 100 guests. Usually just close family and friends are in attendance.

Informal wedding dresses are a great option if you do not plan to have an elaborate ceremony and reception. Informal wedding gowns usually refer to various styles of floor-length (to the floor), intermission-length (between the knees and ankles), ballet length (to the ankles) or street length (covering the knees) wedding gowns.

But informal wedding attire can also include a crisp white suit and jacket set for a civil ceremony, a loose white sundress for a garden wedding, a sexy silk slip dress for an evening champagne wedding reception, a curve-hugging sheath gown for an art gallery wedding or a white bikini with a matching beach wrap for a Hawaiian beach wedding.

Informal wedding gowns run the gamut. Basically an informal wedding gown or informal wedding attire can include any of the following non-traditional details:

  • A wedding dress purchased right off the rack.
  • A vintage flapper wedding gown.
  • Any sleeveless or backless wedding gown.
  • Any wedding dress that is not white - champagne, off-white, or white dresses with scarlet, violet or black detailing are all considered informal.
  • A white dress suit or sundress.
  • A white bikini.
  • A bridesmaid's or prom-style dress worn as a wedding gown.
  • A slim fitting wedding gown such as a sheath or slip dress.
  • A two-piece wedding gown - with a corset and ball skirt.
  • A high-low style bridal gown - that is longer in the back and shorter in the front.
  • A white wedding gown with no train.
  • A Medieval wedding gown.
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