Maternity Bridal Dresses

Bridal Gowns for the Expectant Bride

Being a pregnant bride no longer carries with it the negative social stigma that it once did. If you are an expectant bride, you're not forced to have a 'shot-gun' wedding or a quickie wedding, nor do you have to buy a bridal gown in 2 sizes larger then your regular dress size.

Expectant brides should feel as beautiful and stylish as any bride. However, as well as finding a flattering silhouette, comfort will be a key factor when choosing your maternity bridal gown.

It's possible to find the perfect maternity bridal gown with the aid of a professional bridal consultant. Expectant brides should be honest with their bridal consultants about being pregnant. This way your bridal consultant can arrange your gown fitting the week before your wedding date to ensure your wedding gown still fits. If a bridal consultant makes you feel uncomfortable or is hesitant about meeting your wedding gown needs, as an expectant bride, go to another bridal shop.

Today, expectant brides have many maternity bridal dress options. Light pastel colors such as pinks, beiges or blues are popular, and yes, it's appropriate to wear white, champagne or off-white if you so desire. The key is keeping your maternity bridal gown simple, clean and elegant with the following maternity bridal dress styles:

Empire-style wedding gowns - are ideal maternity bridal dresses because the waist sits right under the chest, so they won't constrict the belly.

A-line style wedding gowns - also called the 'Princess' gowns, are equally flattering maternity bridal gowns because they naturally slim the midsection with seams that run vertically downward to form an 'A' shape.

Column-style wedding gowns - have seamed waistlines, giving brides with bumps a very straight and streamlined appearance.

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