Medieval Bridal Dress

Step Back in Time

The medieval era was an age of romance and heroism that stretched from 450 A.D. to 1600 A.D. Bride's who wish to take their wedding back to this valiant time of King Arthur and his knights of the round table; the bravery of Robin Hood and his merry men; and the inspiration of the Renaissance period will want to dress the part.

A medieval bridal dress will be the most dramatic way to celebrate your romantic theme. Medieval bridal style varied according to the class of the bride's family. Wealthy brides were decked out in the finest and most richly embroidered clothing, while peasant brides wore simple, billowing gowns.

To capture the look of a classic medieval bride wear a long, slim-fitting gown, reminiscent of William Shakespeare's tragic heroine Juliet. Authentic medieval brides should seek a gown with a girdle worn snuggly above the hips and laced at the front, and a skirt that flares out just below the waist to the hips. Also consider a princess-cut dress with an empire or drop waist and a skirt with pleats of velvet in rich silver, gold and wine colors rather than classic bridal white.

Medieval bridal dress was richer then everyday attire and was often decorated with bands of elaborate embroidery, cross-lacing and gold belts and jewelry. Blue, and not white, was widely adopted as a symbol of a pure bride. Unbeknownst to many this is why brides today still wear something blue on their wedding day for good luck.

So where does a modern bride find an authentic medieval wedding gown? Don't fret my fair lady! Make your medieval wedding gown a legend come true by:

  • Attending renaissance fairs where vendors often sell or can special order your dream medieval bridal dress.
  • Search the wealth of online medieval sites and stores for your medieval wedding gown, or post your quest on medieval web rings and message boards.
  • Visit your local theater troupe and ask if they are willing to sell old costumes.
  • Call local masquerade shops to rent or buy a medieval costume.
  • Design your own medieval wedding gown and employ a seamstress or handy friend to put it together for you.
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