Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Don't Settle for Second Best

It's not always easy finding your dream wedding gown, especially if you're seeking a plus sized wedding gown. Like over 90% of the population most of us are not a petite size 2 or a statuesque size 4, ready to stroll down the aisle as if it were a catwalk. Let's face it, many of us are short and stout, pear shaped or extremely hourglass shaped and many of us exceed a ladies size 16.

However, this doesn't mean that plus sized brides have to settle for second best on their wedding day, they just have to be realistic. Designer wedding gowns seen on New York runways won't flatter the majority of the population. The most effective way to find a plus sized stunning wedding gown is ask your bridal consultant to help you find one that flatters your silhouette (body shape).

Here are some tips to get you started:

Hourglass brides have full busts and shapely hips that are proportionate, with a defined waistline. The good news is that most wedding gown designs flatter an hour glass figure. Look for a strapless plus sized wedding gown, with an A-line skirt. However, make sure that the gown supports your full bust, and stay away from two-piece plus sized wedding gowns and mermaid shaped gowns (which are fitted through the waist through the thighs and flare near the knees) - these will accentuate your hips and hourglass shape further.

For full-busted plus sized brides V-necklines, cowl-necks, scoop-necks and off-the-shoulder wedding gowns are extremely flattering because they draw the bust line in. However, be wary of extremely low V-necks that can end up looking cheap if too much cleavage is exposed. Contrary to popular belief, high necklines make the bust appear bigger; while halter cut gowns make the hips seem even bigger.

For pear-shaped brides, who are smaller on top and wider through the waist and hips, should choose A-line plus sized wedding dresses, which give the illusion of proportion. The same goes for plus sized wedding gown skirts with runching (gathered at the rear), which are extremely effective at disguising full rear ends and large hips. On the opposite end, stir clear of plus sized wedding gowns with gathered or pleated skirts - these will add twice the bulk to your hips and butt.

Pear-shaped brides, with extremely small upper bodies and extremely wide hips should choose a plus sized wedding gown with some detailing in the gown's bodice. This will effectively draw focus away from the bottom half of the dress.

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