Renting a Wedding Dress

Best for Your Budget

If you don't have the cash to purchase the designer wedding dress of your dreams why not consider renting it instead?

Half of the wedding party will likely be renting their wedding attire, including the groomsman, best man and even the groom. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander! Plus if you would never consider wearing your wedding dress again and don't want it collecting dust in your closet - wedding dress rental is ideal.

Beautiful wedding gowns can be rented for approximately $100 at many bridal salons. To find a bridal shop in your area that rents wedding gowns the best place to start is your local yellow pages directory. Renting a wedding gown is not as unheard of as you'd think! Especially when most brides consider the price vs. the fact that their wedding gown will only be worn once.

Once you track down some bridal shops that rent gowns you should make an appointment to view the rental gowns as soon as possible. The great thing about rental wedding dresses is that they are "built-to-rent", which means they are rented by piece. The bride will select a style of sleeve, bodice, and skirt and the dress will be assembled according to the combination the bride chooses.

After you've chosen your rental wedding gown combination the gown is cleaned and fitted to your personal measurements.

Renting a wedding gown isn't only an affordable way to find the perfect wedding gown - it's also the quickest way. In Las Vegas, wedding gown rentals are extremely popular since there is no waiting period for a marriage license. Rental wedding gowns compliment the free-spirit of Las Vegas perfectly.

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