Make Sure Your Ring Bearer has the Right Attire

Cute Little Boy Suits

Either hand-in-hand with the flower girl or walking down the aisle alone the ring bearer is a sweet addition to any wedding. Having a ring bearer is the perfect way to include a special young brother, nephew or cousin (4-9 years old) in your wedding. There are many options as to what the young man should wear on his march down the aisle:

According to tradition (and proper etiquette) the ring bearer's attire should consist of a white or navy Eton jacket, short pants (that end at the knee) and white socks. Etiquette holds that the ring bearer shouldn't be dressed like the groomsmen; he is a child, not an adult, thus he should wear a child's outfit. This particular rule of wedding attire etiquette is rather outdated, so don't feel as if you have to dress the ring bearer in this style. Mind you, this outfit does give the ring bearer a sweet English schoolboy charm - perfect for those with British roots.

Modern ring bearer attire includes suits and tuxedos. Suits can be made of almost any material and color. Velvet and satin suits look great in the colder months, especially those in darker colors that complement the wedding colors. White or light colored linen suits are ideal for warmer weather. Suits can also be more formal; complete with dark jacket and pants (in black, navy or charcoal gray), light shirt and a regular tie.

For formal weddings the best ring bearer attire is the classic tuxedo. Renting a tuxedo is your best bet, since buying the tuxedo, bow tie, cummerbund (or vest) and shoes can be very expensive, especially when the little nugget will grow so fast. Don't think that just because the tuxedo comes in a smaller size that it will be any cheaper to rent. Boy's tuxedos cost just as much to rent as the adult equivalent.

It should be noted that the cost of renting or purchasing the ring bearer's attire is picked up by his parents. The bride and groom pay for the ring cushion and boutonniere (if the ring bearer is to wear one). The bride and groom have the final say in the ring bearer attire. Out of courtesy to older ring bearers some couples may ask the child's opinion.

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