How to Save on Your Bridal Dress

Money Saving Tips

That designer wedding gown ripped from the pages of a magazine can cost upwards of $10,000. So where does that leave a bride who can't afford a couture wedding gown or even a brand new off-the-rack wedding dress?

Brides can still be the center of attention in a simple bridesmaid gown, an heirloom wedding gown or even a used bridal dress. Here are some additional moneysaving tips on finding economical wedding gowns.

  • In lieu of a bouffant bridal gown, purchase a bridesmaid's dress in white for a simpler, more informal wedding gown you may be able to wear again in the future.
  • Explore consignment and vintage clothing shops for wedding gowns or scan the classified newspapers ads. Many 'almost new' wedding gowns are available by bride's who wore their dresses once or not at all. Sure, the gown may require some alterations and cleaning, but you'll likely save over half the price of buying new.
  • Call bridal salons in your area to see if they have gowns that have never been picked up. There have been instances of brides never returning for their wedding gown after leaving a deposit. Many salons will sell these gowns for 50% off.
  • Borrow a family heirloom gown from your mother, sister, grandmother or even from a friend. This will save you money and add some heartfelt sentiment to your wedding day.
  • Ask your bridal salon for a wedding package discount if you plan to purchase the bridesmaid's dresses as well as your bridal gown from the same shop.
  • Buy a simple, inexpensive gown and add your own detailing - lace, ribbon, pearls and rhinestones can be added to any simple wedding dress or veil to make it more elaborate.
  • If the bridal gown you want is too expensive ask if the dress can be made more economical synthetic fabric.
  • Minimize alterations by ordering a gown closest to your size or buy one off the rack and do the alterations yourself.
  • Rent a wedding gown by calling bridal salons in your local yellow pages.
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