Tuxedo Rentals

For the Well-Groomed Groom

There is nothing quite like a man in a tuxedo - it is the epitome of style and sophistication. Plus, a striking black tuxedo is the perfect contrast and complement to the bride's white wedding dress. With the groomsmen in tuxedos and the women in beautiful bridesmaid dresses is it any wonder the wedding party looks so elegant in the wedding photos?

On the surface renting a tuxedo may seem simple. however there's more to it than you'd think. The number of tuxedo styles to choose from is surprising. While the differences are often subtle they can really change the overall look of the outfit. Here is a very brief list of the different components of the tuxedo and available styles for each. Only by visiting a formal wear rental store can you get a complete idea of all the available options.

Jacket: single breasted, double breasted, tails, cutaway/morning coat, dinner jacket

Jacket lapels: peaked, notched, shawl

Handkerchief (pocket squares): multi-pronged, pouf, square-ended, triangle

Shirt: pleated, wing, spread, mandarin

Pants: peg-legged, double pleated

Neckwear: bow tie, four-in-hand (business) tie, ascot, bolo, cross

Shoes: lace-up, loafers

Accessories: cummerbund (also known as cumberbund), vest, gloves, cane, hat, suspenders, socks, cufflinks

The formality of the tuxedo depends on the formality of the wedding. A formal evening wedding calls for a jacket with tails, bow tie, double pleated pants and a cummerbund. A more casual wedding only necessitates a single breasted jacket, four-in-hand tie and vest. With so many styles to choose from your tuxedo can be as formal or informal as you like. As for the accessories, the vest, cummerbund and handkerchief can either match the bridesmaid dress color or complement it.

Normally the groom and the groomsmen wear the same style of tuxedo. If you're worried about all the men looking alike there are ways to distinguish the groom: different cut jacket, different colored handkerchief, different colored vest or cummerbund or different boutonniere.

About 4-6 months before the wedding book your tuxedos at a formalwear rental store. At this point you're only reserving the number of tuxedos and their style. Pass this information on to your groomsmen. About 2-3 months before the wedding get measured for the tuxedos and place your order (which will require a down payment). If you lose or gain weight just before the wedding get measured again. A day or two before the wedding pick up your tuxedo - make sure you try it on. You look great - now enjoy your wedding!

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