Wedding Gowns

Your Dream Dress

When purchasing your wedding gown it's essential to deal with a professional bridal shop, which employs knowledgeable, friendly staff who are open to questions and can help you choose the most flattering wedding gown silhouette for your body type.

When you make your initial appointment to visit a bridal salon the bridal consultant will measure your body and speak with you about the bridal gown silhouettes that will best suit your body type. Even if you don't like the wedding dresses that the bridal consultant chooses for you, try them on anyway. Bridal consultants are professional wedding dress fitters and bridal gowns often look extremely different on the rack then they do on the bride.

The following are the most popular bridal gown silhouettes:

A-Line gowns - also commonly called the 'Princess cut', is the most universally flattering bridal gown silhouette because it slims and disguises flaws. This silhouette is a favorite of the top couture designers. The seams on A-line bridal gowns run vertically downward to form a flared skirt or 'A' shape.

Ball gowns - commonly referred to as Cinderella or fairytale wedding gowns are the most traditional bridal gowns. They feature a corseted bodice and a trim waistline that rounds into a bouffant skirt - ideal for disguising the bottom half of brides with full butts and hips.

Sheath bridal gowns - are smooth, sexy and chic, closely outlining every curve of a bride's silhouette. It requires some courage to wear a sheath bridal gown because they accentuate rather then hide any physical flaws.

Empire gowns - bring to mind ages past. Empire gowns have a high waistline that sits right under the bust. They often feature long, flowing sleeves, square necklines and slim skirts. Empire gowns are ideal for medieval weddings and often feature romantic touches of velvet and silk ribbons.

Mermaid silhouettes - like sheaths are for sexy brides who don't mind accentuating their curves. Mermaid bridal gowns are fit tight to the entire body through the upper body, waist and hips and flare slightly around the mid thigh or knees.

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