Winter Wedding Dress

Keeping the Winter Bride Warm

Nothing warms the heart quite like a winter wedding. Winter weddings are festive and romantic and winter brides will want a seasonal winter wedding dress to thaw the chill in the air, as well as one that will keep them warm and comfortable.

Long sleeves and long gloves are a must where winter wedding dresses are concerned. Gloves can be removed once you retire indoors for the reception. Luxurious fabrics such as heavy satin and velvet are perfect for winter wedding dresses because they are stunning and warm and nothing makes an impression to the sight or touch like a rich wedding gown in brocade, crushed velvet or Duchess satin.

To stay warm, especially during outdoor wedding photographs, winter brides should consider adding one of the following pieces to their winter wedding dress attire:

  • A wool or cashmere cape will provide plenty of room and you won't have to worry about crushing your dress under it like you would a coat. Capes just drape over your body and add drama to your look.
  • A faux fur hooded cloak in luxuriously warm, crushed velvet and trimmed with faux fur. Bridal cloaks often fasten with a delicate rhinestone broach or a pearl and feature romantic medieval-style sleeves.
  • A full-length coat made of white or gray faux fur or ivory taffeta will turn you into a genuine snow princess.
  • Wraps will cover exposed necks and arms when the bride is en route to the church or ceremony. Wraps can be worn various ways for a stylish look.
  • Short Jackets, that stop at the waist, won't cover your elaborate trimmed dress or train. Short jackets are available with high or fur trimmed collars and can flare at the waist or feature a bell shape.
  • Add a splash of color - vivid red and deep emerald green will give a festive look to your holiday wedding, but rich deep hues such as violet, burgundy, plum and navy can make a stunning contrast against the stark white of a winter bridal gown.
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