Alternatives to Flowers

Options Other than Flora

If you are looking for something unique or original to carry down the aisle instead of the typical bridal bouquet, there are many alternatives to flowers. Brides need not think they are limited to a bouquet of flowers, although flowers are the most popular choice you can choose to keep your hands free, or carry something a little more personal. Many brides have chosen to carry or wear the following as alternatives to flowers:

An heirloom prayer book: A wedding is the spiritual bonding of two souls; carrying an heirloom prayer book is a sweet way to show the solemnity of the occasion, especially if you're devout. An heirloom book shows pride in your family heritage and can also hold the prized position of "something old."

A rosary: A devout Catholic may prefer to carry a delicate set of rosary beads in place of a bridal bouquet. A rosary that has been passed down in your family or a rosary borrowed from a grandmother or other relative for your special day may be a treasured memory for years to come.

A horseshoe: Irish wedding tradition has the bride carrying a horseshoe for a lucky wedding and even luckier marriage. The bride holds the horseshoe upwards to hold the luck in during the wedding ceremony and once married, the horseshoe is hung over the couple's front door to bring luck to their home.

A single lit candle: If you plan to incorporate the unity candle ceremony into your wedding, you might consider walking down the aisle with your candle rather than setting it on the altar or table ahead of time.

A framed picture: If you would like to honor past loved ones in your wedding ceremony, consider carrying their photograph down the aisle. This act is meant to be a touching tribute, but should not be overly sad. If you or a family member will focus too much on the tribute, it is best to leave the picture at home - a wedding is meant to be a joyful event, one which your past loved ones would have wanted you to enjoy.

A wreath of flowers worn in the hair: Instead of carrying your flowers, wear them! A wreath of flowers worn in the hair not only adorns the bride with a beautiful halo of flora, it is an old wedding tradition meant to promote good luck and good health.

A wrist pomander of clove or rose buds: A simple, circular pomander dangling from a ribbon wrapped around your wrist is a lovely way to keep your hands free while still enjoying the lingering scent of clove or fresh flowers. You can customize the pomander to incorporate any flower, dried or fresh, making them original and interesting alternatives to flowers.

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