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A corsage is a lovely way to visually announce special family members at your wedding. Flower corsages are primarily given to the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom, although a corsage can also be given to sisters or aunts that have a special place in the hearts of the bride and groom. If you want to distinguish any special participants of the wedding - such as relatives or friends giving a reading during the ceremony, handing out wedding programs or lighting candles - a corsage is a beautiful way to designate their special roles as well.

It can be difficult to draw the line as to who receives a corsage and who does not. Many brides reserve corsages for mothers and grandmothers to keep things simple and avoid any hurt feelings. A single corsage may not cost very much - a corsage of real flowers costs $15-$30 - but the overall cost can add up quickly if you are presenting too many people with a corsage as a means of keeping the peace.

A corsage can include flowers from the bride's bouquet or the favorite flowers of the wearer. Traditionally, the corsage should complement the outfit of each individual - you don't want to pin a bright yellow corsage to a lavender dress! If you want only a few varieties of flowers showcased at your wedding, or even just one flower, you can have all corsages made with the same flower. If your wedding is enveloped in roses, then your corsages can also contain only roses in the same color or different colors to better match each individuals outfit. If your bridal bouquet is made of peonies, you may want your corsages to contain smaller flowers, such as ranunculus, so the wearer isn't burdened by a large bloom on their lapel or wrist.

Some traditionalists may insist that only the bride's mother and grandmother's corsage should include the same blooms of the bridal bouquet. It really is the bride's decision. The corsages, like everything else, must fit in with the bride's vision of her wedding day. If the bride chooses to have each corsage reflect the unique personality and tastes of each individual, each corsage can be different. Likewise, the corsage for each woman can be designed to match the boutonniere of her wedding party partner or husband, although you may want to warn each couple first.

The one rule you should follow when planning your corsages is to make sure each corsage is simple and tasteful in nature. The larger the bloom or the more elaborate the design, the heavier and more awkward it is to wear! The corsage should be proportionate in size to its wearer - an oversized corsage will dwarf most women and possibly ruin their clothes if pinned.

Corsages can be worn in a variety of ways: pinned to the dress or lapel, worn on the wrist attached to a ribbon or elastic, or pinned to a purse or hat. Traditionally, corsages are pinned to the dress or lapel, but this isn't advisable with delicate fabric such as silk. It is best to ask the mothers and grandmothers how they'd prefer to wear their corsage before ordering it. As always, talk to your florist they should be able to show you different corsage styles and designs.

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