Which floral style is right for you?

Three popular floral styles for your wedding

Flowers are to weddings what sprinkles are to sundaes. They’re that special something that you just can’t do without. Once you’ve decided on your wedding style, choose a floral theme that will complement it. We’ve detailed the three most popular floral styles below with ideas for how you can incorporate them into your wedding.

If you’re a traditional bride you’re probably very close with your family and have known exactly how you want your wedding to look since you were small. The weddings of traditional couples rely heavily on flowers. With gorgeous arrangements on the ends of pews, as centerpieces, along the head table, petals scattered as the bride walks the aisle and impressive bouquets, traditional weddings allocate a big part of their budget to flowers.

If you’re planning a traditional wedding, opt for a bouquet in shades of white with bits of greenery like fern and trailing ivy. Choose flowers that complement your color scheme and look for detailed arrangements or those that remind you of an English garden.

You can save money on traditional floral styles by looking for less than traditional wedding florists. Many grocery stores have skilled florists on site are familiar with a variety of classic and contemporary arrangements. Don’t forget, the less you pay for flowers, the more you can afford to have!

If you’re planning a modern wedding, you probably like to move with the times, but wait to see which fashions and trends will stick before you invest in them yourself. Couples who plan weddings with a modern style usually scale back on the flowers, but use blooms in an interesting or eye-catching way. On wedding cakes, floating in water as centerpieces or scattered on tables, modern-styled weddings pay attention to detail but know that less can be more.

Modern wedding flowers are often arranged in varying shades of one color. Bouquets are compact so the bride doesn’t have to lug around an awkward arrangement all day. Men’s boutonnieres are more experimental than just a single rose bud on a basal leaf and play with different blooms and greenery.

The most popular flowers for modern brides are ever versatile roses and stunningly elegant calla lilies. The wide color variety of both blooms means that modern brides have no limits on their color palettes.

Trend-setting couples love change and are willing to try everything and anything that’s outside the box. The weddings of trend-setting couples have people talking for weeks afterwards. Trend-setting couples will love the look of jewel accents like pearls and other faux gems in bouquets. Brooches pinned into the brides bouquet are right up the trend-setting couple’s alley.

A focus on foliage, especially in experimental silvers and golds will look fabulous. Light mocha colors paired with mild greens and dirty pinks are popping up at many trend-setters’ weddings. Popular arrangements include wispy floral wreaths and hand-tied bouquets with a just-picked look.

Just because they’re choosing unconventional options doesn’t mean trend-setters have to splurge on their flowers. Contemporary minimalist looks with branch clippings or single blooms mean that trend-setting couples can save some of their cash to spend elsewhere.

When planning your wedding. Pick the floral style that best suits you and your sweetie. While others’ opinions may be useful, ultimately the decision is yours and will be remembered that way. No matter which style is right for you, your flowers are sure to look stunning.

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