Making your own Centerpieces

DIY Floral Focal Points

Centerpieces are essential to the overall style and theme of the reception decorations. Since flowers play such a pivotal role in the wedding why not include them in your centerpieces? Flowers add a natural beauty and elegance, not to mention color, to any decoration.

Making your own centerpieces can be easy or complex depending on how elaborate you want the centerpiece. Almost every centerpiece idea will require a trip to the local craft store for supplies. In fact, a craft store can be a great place to get centerpiece ideas and some of the larger chains even offer classes on how to make your centerpiece.

Before you start making each centerpiece ensure you've taken the necessary safety precautions. Wear safety glasses and gloves for projects requiring hot glue, sharp scissors or knives or breakable materials (glass, tile, clay). Always follow the directions and take your time - no need to hurry and ruin a centerpiece, or worse, injure yourself!

Here are some ideas for making your own centerpiece. Please note these are general ideas only and don't include actual instructions. Most of these centerpieces are simple in nature, directions probably aren't required:

  • Fill large glass bowls with floating candles and water lilies
  • Place votive candles and roses on a mirror
  • Cluster multiple flower-filled vases of different heights together
  • Frame love poems and arrange with ivy and flowers
  • Wine goblets filled with a single bloom
  • Herbs or flowers potted in terra cotta pots arranged together (the plants can also double as wedding guest favors)
  • Fill straw baskets with fruit and flowers (or for an autumn wedding, instead of fruit use gourds, Indian corn, mini pumpkins)
  • Fill large mason (canning) jars with pretty glass beads, potpourri or sea shells and secure a single larger bloom (peony, tea rose, stargazer lily, gerbera daisy, sunflower) to the lid. Arrange multiple jars of different sizes together.

If using candles as part of your centerpiece ensure they're not located near flammable materials. Also, if you're placing a candle in a glass bowl, mason jar, or wine goblet ensure the glass is heat resistant - if not the glass may shatter when heated and injure poor Aunt Ruth.

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