Best Man Gifts

A Token for Your Main Man

In the excitement of planning and hosting a wedding it's easy to overlook the people that helped make it possible. As the groom's right-hand-man and source of moral support, the best man is an essential member of the wedding party. The best man responsibilities contribute greatly to the success of the wedding. Your best man's gift should not only acknowledge his hard work and dedication, but also thank him for his important role in your life. The best man's gift can be identical to that of the groomsmen or something more lavish.

Here are some best men gift ideas:

  • Cuff links: he can wear them with his tuxedo
  • Engraved wrist or pocket watch
  • Silver flasks: personalize them by engraving his initials or your wedding date
  • Engraved chrome Zippo lighters
  • Monogrammed golf bag and other golf accessories: golf balls, clubs
  • Tickets to a game of his favorite sports team
  • Fishing, hiking or camping gear (for the outdoor type)
  • Personalized tavern/pub set: glass or crystal beer pitcher, beer mugs and shot glasses
  • Barbeque tools with apron and oven mitts
  • Personalized poker set: deck of cards, poker chips, poker dice and regular dice

Instead of purchasing the latest trend item or gadget consider something meaningful for the best man. The gift doesn't have to be sentimental, but should be valued by the best man and help him recall fond memories of your wedding. Give the best man his gift during the rehearsal dinner or some other moment of down time. Include a thank you note. It doesn't have to long, but should acknowledge the best man's contributions and thank him for being a part of your wedding.

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