Groom's Wedding Gift for the Bride

From Him to Her

Traditionally, the groom's only wedding gift to the bride was her wedding ring. How lucky for brides everywhere that more and more grooms are choosing to give a special extra gift! On a day when both the groom and bride are excited and nervous, the groom's wedding gift for the bride is a special way of letting his fiancé know he is eager for their wedding and more importantly, their new life together.

When selecting your wedding gift for the bride pick something beyond the standard Christmas and birthday gifts of perfume and lingerie. An event as magical as your wedding warrants a truly significant gift. When you're an old married couple she'll look upon your wedding gift with cherished memories that a Christmas or birthday gift could never equal.

As for what to buy your blushing bride your gift should let her know how much you love and care for her. Perhaps your gift will be earrings she'll wear during the wedding and on special occasions forever after. Or perhaps it's a dozen white roses; the first flowers you ever gave her. The groom's wedding gift for the bride doesn't need to be extravagant. Sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most.

  • Necklace or earrings: diamonds and pearls are a popular choice for their timeless, elegant beauty

  • Charm bracelet: a heart for love, a clover for luck and a star for "dreams that come true"

  • Flowers: roses, lilies and tulips. Whatever her favorite flower, whether it's a single bloom or a full bouquet flowers are a traditional gift of love

  • A personalized jewelry box: great for storing future heirloom pieces

  • A teddy bear: simple and sweet

  • A pet (only if agreed upon first - a pet is a serious, life long commitment)

  • A wedding themed figurine of her favorite collectible series (like "Cherished Teddies" or "Precious Moments")

  • A book of romantic poetry (or even better, a poem you wrote yourself)

As to when to give the groom's wedding gift for the bride there are several opportune times: a quiet dinner or moment the week leading up the wedding; during the rehearsal dinner when you give the maid of honor, best man, groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts; have a groomsmen deliver it to the bride the morning of the wedding; during the limousine ride to the reception following the ceremony or at the end of the evening in your honeymoon suite - the perfect way to cap your special day. Be sure to include a card or note with your gift. Taking the time to share your true feelings will mean as much to her as the gift itself.

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