Bridesmaid Gifts

A Memorable Way to Say Thank You

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In addition to being the closest women in your life your bridesmaids support you during this special (and stressful!) time in your life. A memorable bridesmaid's gift not only shows your appreciation for all their help, but can also act a wedding keepsake.

When selecting your bridesmaids' gifts don't feel as though all the gifts have to match. A bridesmaids' gift is the perfect way to acknowledge the unique personalities and interests of each woman. Is one of your bridesmaids an antique buff? She may love a Victorian inspired locket that she can wear during and after the wedding. Engraving your wedding date, her initials or a short message on the back adds a personal touch.

When buying your bridesmaids gifts don't spend more than your wedding budget allows. Yes, you'll want to spoil these incredible women, but it's the thought rather than the dollar amount that really counts. A meaningful gift from the heart will be far more cherished than an impersonal, expensive gift. That said, here are some bridesmaid gift ideas:

  • Gift certificates to a spa or masseuse: a relaxing treat for all their hard work
  • Gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant
  • A scrapbook filled with pictures and mementos of your friendship
  • Engraved silver picture frame complete with a photo of a special shared memory
  • Baskets filled with items that reflect hobbies and interests: cookbooks, CDs, perfume, movie/theatre tickets and so forth
  • Engraved jewelry boxes
  • Monogrammed silk bathrobe
  • A fine bottle of wine and crystal wine glasses (as a way to "toast" their efforts)
  • Jewelry: necklaces, earrings or bracelets that can be worn during and after the wedding

Although the bridesmaid's gifts are traditionally given the day before the wedding (during the rehearsal dinner), you are by no means bound to a set day or time. Nor are you required to buy a material gift. Perhaps you decide to buy the bridesmaid dresses or pay for the hair appointments or manicures. The bridesmaid dresses in particular can be expensive, so a gift of this type may be more appreciated, especially by those on a tight budget. Whatever gift you decide to give be sure to include a small, personalize note thanking the individual for being a part of your special day and for all their help.

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