Wedding Favors

A Token of Your Appreciation

Wedding favors are a small gift the bride and groom give to guests as a token of thanks and a memento of their wedding. Wedding favors usually complement the style and dcor of the wedding and can range from simple items to those that are more lavish. As more and more couples strive to create a unique and memorable wedding their wedding favors are likewise becoming more distinctive. The traditional favor of Jordan almonds (still popular among Greek weddings) is giving way to personalized soap, candles and even lollipops!

Edible favors for wedding guests remain a popular choice among couples. While the candy or chocolate itself remains unchanged over the last 20 years the packaging is modern and distinctive as it comes! Edible wedding favors are chocolates, Jordan almonds or mints wrapped in organza bags or plain little boxes. At its most creative edible wedding favors can look just like "brand name" candy bar wrappers, featuring the bride and groom's names and wedding date. Personalized mint tins, custom conversation candy hearts and lollipops are other unique options.

For those who prefer a more permanent memento of their special day you're only limited by your imagination (and wedding budget). Candles and soaps in any conceivable shape provide endless options for finding that perfect wedding favor. Flower, butterfly and dragonfly candles or candle holders add a nature-inspired touch to any summer or garden-themed wedding. Flower seed packets or tree saplings are not only inspired by nature, but allow guests to give back to nature; the perfect wedding favor for "green" couples. In fact, elements from nature are common among wedding favors during any season of the year and not just spring or summer. What better way to highlight the beauty of vibrant autumn leaves or the delicacy of snowflakes than through a charming wedding favor?

If you rather just a "wedding themed" favor here are some ideas:

When selecting the favors for your wedding guests there are several factors to consider: the theme or style of your wedding, the number of guests and your wedding budget. The favor to your wedding guests should ultimately be a reflection of your entire wedding. As to where to purchase the favors, the best places to shop are online, paper-party supply stores and craft shops (if making your own).

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