Bride's Wedding Gift for the Groom

From Her to Him

Like the groom's wedding gift the bride was traditionally only obligated to give the groom his wedding ring and have her family pay for the entire wedding! Today, many couples are opting to pay for the wedding themselves and more brides are giving the groom a special, extra wedding gift. The bride's wedding gift for the groom is the perfect way for the bride to express her thoughts and feelings for the groom and their new life together. A gift also demonstrates her appreciation for all the little (and big!) things the groom has done in the planning of their wedding.

While your fianc is likely to appreciate any gift you give him, this is time to get that special item he's always wanted. Unlike Christmases and birthdays, that come and go every year, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event which merits an exceptional gift. Of course, don't feel as though you have to top all previous gifts or spend more than your wedding budget allows. Your gift should be selected for its personal significance and be an item he will cherish for years to come. You may already have the perfect gift in mind. If not, here are some suggestions to consider:

Whatever you decide to give include a short note or card. Take the time to share your feelings with him; tell him how excited you are to become his wife and tell him again why you're marrying him. In short, tell him how much you love him. There are several opportune times as to when to give the bride's wedding gift to the groom: a quiet dinner or moment the week leading up the wedding or during the rehearsal dinner when you give the maid of honor, best man, groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts. Or perhaps you'd like to surprise him with the gift the day of the wedding; have a bridesmaid deliver it to him the morning of your big day, during the limousine ride following the ceremony or at the end of the evening in your honeymoon suite - a finishing touch to your perfect day.

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