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The groomsmen do far more than seat guests during the wedding; their friendship and loyalty support the groom as he prepares for the next step in his life. Therefore your gift to them should express your gratitude for all their help and support during your big day.

Your groomsmen gifts can be identical or individual. Identical gifts acknowledge the special, shared bond among the groom and groomsmen. Individual gifts are a reflection of each groomsman's unique personality and interests. Where one would appreciate a barbeque set, another would value a monogrammed golf bag.

Stay within your wedding budget when buying your groomsmen gifts. As you see incredible gifts you'll be tempted to go over your budget. While having great groomsmen makes it easy to justify the extra cost remember it's the thought, rather than the cost, that matters. A thoughtful, personal gift is more meaningful than the latest trendy item or gadget.

Here are some groomsmen ideas to get you started:

  • Cuff links: he can wear them with his tuxedo
  • Silver flasks: personalize them by engraving his initials or your wedding date
  • Engraved chrome Zippo lighters
  • Monogrammed golf bag and other golf accessories: golf balls, clubs
  • Swiss Army pocket knife
  • Tickets to a game of his favorite sports team
  • Leather shave kit
  • Fishing, hiking or camping gear (for the outdoor type)
  • Tankard or beer mug
  • Barbeque tools with apron and oven mitts

This is by no means a complete list. There are countless possibilities. As to when to give the groomsmen gifts it is normally done during the rehearsal dinner.

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