Maid of Honor Gifts

Honoring Your Maid of Honor

As the most important member of the bridal party (after the bride of course!), the maid of honor's extra responsibilities usually warrant a more significant gift. From hosting the bridal shower and addressing invitations to adjusting the bride's veil and witnessing the marriage license, the maid of honor is more than a just a helping hand; she's a shoulder to lean on. Show your appreciation for all she does above and beyond the call of duty. You may choose to give her the same gift as the other bridesmaids, plus something extra. Or perhaps you'll decide to purchase a single gift of greater value.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Gift certificate to a spa or masseuse
  • A weekend trip to a bed and breakfast
  • Lessons to something she's always wanted to try: salsa dancing, scuba diving, wine making
  • Her favorite perfume
  • Lingerie: silk and lace aren't reserved for the bride alone
  • Fine crystal (especially if she collects a certain line)
  • Engraved jewelry boxes
  • A luxurious silk scarf and bathrobe
  • A meaningful piece of art: painting, sculpture, vase
  • Jewelry: necklaces, earrings or bracelets that can be worn during and after the wedding

These are just some of the possibilities. Some of these gifts may be perfect for your maid of honor; others not at all. Keep in mind there isn't a "standard" maid of honor gift. Your gift should be specific to your maid of honor's unique personality and interests. Don't feel as though you have to buy the latest trendy item or something that is excessively expensive. A gift from the heart will be treasured all the more for its thoughtfulness. Years down the road you'll want your maid of honor to look upon your gift with fond memories of your wedding rather than reminding her of an outdated trend.

As a final personal touch include a thank you note with your gift. Thank your maid of honor for sharing your special day and acknowledge all her hard work. Also, let her know why you selected her in the first place: you cherish your close bond; she's the best sister a girl could ask for; you've been best friends since you were eight years old. Remind her that she's an important part of your life, not just during your wedding, but every day.

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