Personalized Wedding Gifts

Gifts with Special Meaning

Personalized wedding gifts are unique from other gifts in that the couple's names, the wedding date and a personal message are incorporated right into the gift. Normally done by engraving this information is on the gift itself. Personalized wedding gifts can also include gifts which have been specially made with the bride and groom in mind.

Engraving is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective means of personalizing a wedding gift. Therefore the gift in question should have a surface that can be engraved; silver, pewter, stainless steel, crystal, glass and wood are the obvious choices. As to the actual gift it should match your intended message or be an item the couple has specifically requested (through a bridal registry).

However, keep in mind that a personalized wedding gift will likely have sentimental rather than practical use. Engraved crystal wine goblets are beautiful to look at, but may not match the couple's existing wine glass set. However, the goblets would make a treasured addition to any crystal collection.

Other popular personalized wedding gifts include silver serving trays, silver wedding cake/server set, crystal desk clocks, silver toasting flutes, wood wine boxes (complete with a bottle of wine) and more. As mentioned the couple's names (or initials) the wedding date and a personal message are engraved onto the gift. But what should your message say? As there is usually a maximum number of lines or characters the message should be short and sweet. Sometimes the simplest of messages says it all, "Best wishes for a long and happy marriage" conveys a simple, yet heartfelt message. If you feel your own words won't do the gift justice a short quote or proverb may do the trick. As a word of advice don't "date" your message; a slogan that is popular today is sure to be long forgotten 5 years from now.

The second type of personalized wedding gift is one that is created explicitly for the couple. This could be anything from artwork commissioned for the occasion to a custom-built piece of furniture. Of course these are the more lavish of the available options. A handmade blanket or quilt is another terrific personalized wedding gift - after all what is more personal than a gift you made yourself!

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