Traditional Wedding Gifts

Customary Wedding Gifts for the New Couple

Traditional wedding gifts are meant to supply the couple with everything they'll need for their new life together. This is especially true of those with more conservative values; the bride and groom only move in together once they're married, thus they still require all their household goods.

However, that is not to say that couples presently living together don't need or want traditional wedding gifts. While the couple may not currently own crystal that is not to say they wouldn't appreciate receiving it as a gift. In fact, some couples intentionally forgo buying traditional items as they'd prefer to receive it as wedding gift. You'll likely have greater sentimental value for the crystal you receive as a wedding gift, as opposed to crystal you buy yourself.

Crystal is just one of many traditional wedding gifts. Others popular choices include small appliances (microwaves, toasters), cookware, china, cutlery/silverware, bed linens, bath linens, picture frames, candlesticks, vases and accent/decorative pieces. Larger items include vacuum cleaners, barbeques and dishwashers. Guests that choose to purchase larger items will usually do so as a group and split the costs.

The best place to find traditional wedding gifts are major department stores. Even better, most include a bridal registry, allowing the couple to inform guests of the specific items they want or need. This is particularly true of the style, pattern and color of items such as china, cutlery and the bed and bath linens. While your guests may be all too happy to give you pink towels, they may not match your blue bathroom!

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