Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Choose Something Special For The Happy Couple

Unique wedding gifts are a great option for guests that don't want to give traditional wedding gifts or for couples that already have all their household goods. A unique wedding gift is really any gift that is non-traditional or unexpected in nature. Unexpected, but not unappreciated. A unique wedding gift should pleasantly surprise the couple with its thoughtfulness, usefulness and personal significance. This isn't the time to give a gift for its shock value! Nor should a gift be bestowed for the attention it brings the giver. Not only is this poor wedding gift etiquette, but outlandish gifts tend to be less about being thoughtful and more about displaying extravagance.

The uniqueness of a wedding gift will depend on the personality of its giver and their relationship with the couple. The closer a person is to either the bride or groom the more unique the wedding gift can be. All within reason of course! For example it would be considered very generous of the bride's parents to give a Jacuzzi hot tub, but would be seen as somewhat eccentric if a distant third cousin were to do so. If you have serious reservations about the suitability about your wedding gift, or are worried about how the couple will receive it, it may be wise to stick with something more conventional. That said, here are some unique wedding gift ideas. They range from those that are gaining in acceptability and popularity to those that are a little more distinct.

Donations to a charity are becoming increasingly popular among those marrying for a second time. Since the couple is already well-established instead of receiving gifts the couple requests that guests make a donation to their favorite charity.

It is also common for several guests to pool their resources to purchase one big item. Thus the couple can still receive a much needed fridge and stove and each guest saves money by splitting the costs.

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