Wedding Invitations

Once you've attended to all the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, its time to pay some attention to the wedding stationary. The invitations should be one of the most important items on your wedding planning to-do list - how else will your guests be prepared for your fabulous wedding?

You want your invitations to be fun yet elegant enough to impress even the most critical eye. They should also reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. This brings up the question of whether you should buy your invitations or make your own - either option can have wonderful results. Most brides like the idea of having a consistent style, color or theme throughout their wedding invitations, wedding favors and wedding stationary. This illustrates the depth of care and planning that went into your wedding.

Feel free to make your wedding invitations as fancy as you want! With the all the modern advancements in technology, raised-ink motifs, embossed lettering and monograms are affordable options for everyone. Make them so appealing that your guests will RSVP right away, even if only to ask where you got your beautiful invitations!

Choosing Wedding Invitations

Floral Accents - Tulip Solitaire So many wedding invitations and you can only choose one!

Traditionally, guests received wedding invitations in a double envelope, with an engraved, stiff and folded invite inside.

Now, anything goes. From the fun and fanciful, to the low grade self-deprecating invite. However, there should be an outer envelope for mailing purposes and an inner envelope (to avoid grubby hands and sorting machines). The inner envelope should simply have the guest's name.

Wedding invitations can be any size, but you should remember you need envelopes which fit. The usual wedding invitation sizes are 4 1/2 inches by 6 1/4 inches for embassy style or 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches for classic style.

Paper matters too. A smooth vellum finish in ecru was traditional, but again, anything goes, including a 3-fold postcard style wedding invitation, a folded sheet or a parchment roll tied with ribbons.

Creating a Guest List

Lavish Looks - Blue Satin and Chocolate After you have gazed through wedding magazines and dreamt your dream wedding you have to step back into reality for wedding planning and wedding guest lists.

Budget, budget, budget... in order to create your wedding budget you need to know the number of guests involved and will there be 'reception only people' without the dinner. The diplomacy involved with bumping people off your list is incredible. Remember it's your day, do what you have to, but be diplomatic.

If your Parents want people at the wedding it will take some tact or reneging to get a happy balance if it isn't in your budget. You must read wedding guest lists before entering into negotiations.

Save on Wedding Invitations

Lavish Looks - Blue Satin and Chocolate Prices of wedding invitations, plus all the trappings makes everyone, but the printer, gasp.

Creativity is key, if you own it. You could make your own wedding invitationswith the use of a computer and a printer or handmade paper and a calligraphy pen or, if you are really talented, a paintbrush and some watercolor paper. Many couples choose to make their own invitations, since the price is usually right... unless, there is a lot of wastage.

Read on for tips to saving money on wedding invitations.
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