Homemade Wedding Invitations

Wedding Inviation Ideas that show Your Creative Flair

Your wedding invitations indicate the tone (informal/formal) and theme of your wedding to your guests. But, along with signifying the style of your wedding, your wedding invitations should also demonstrate a couple's personal flair. For this reason many couples choose to design and make their own wedding invitations.

The two most popular ways to make your own wedding invitations are:

Wedding Invitation Kits - More and more people have computers at home. This is why wedding invitation kits are becoming an economical option compared to ordering wedding invitations through a stationer.

Wedding invitation kits can be found in most office or paper supply stores. You just need to select your grade of paper, your computer font and color and your wedding invitations can be printed right off of your home computer. Feel free to dress your wedding invitations with ribbon, stamps or dried flowers for added effect.

Homemade Invitations - You must keep in mind that making your own invitations from scratch isn't for every bride. If you hate craft projects, want an elaborate wedding invitation or need 200 invitations you might want to consider the time commitment. Paper for homemade wedding invitations can be found at stationary and arts and crafts stores - everything from simple ecru with embossed edges to recycled paper pressed with dried flowers and leaves. You can get a stationer to pen your wedding invitations with calligraphy, ask for the help of an artistic friend or do it on your own. Homemade invitations can be decorated with stamps, stickers, ribbons and even tissue paper to achieve the desired effect.

Regardless of whether you make your wedding invitations on your computer or from scratch, you will need to generate some ideas. The best place to find inspiration is in stationer's catalogues, bridal magazines, stationary stores, arts and craft suppliers, stamp stores or even online.

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