Thank-you Cards

A Perfect Way to Say Thanks

Shower gifts and wedding gifts require a personal thank you card. Today, with never-ending wedding guest lists and numerous showers, couples are lucky they’re able to slide a wedding band on their swollen hands after penning so many thank you cards. However, personal thank you notes are the only sincere way to tell a giver how appreciative you are of their gift.

Thank You Note Tips

Wedding etiquette states that wedding shower gifts be acknowledged no later than 10 days after the party; while wedding thank yous should be sent no later than 2 weeks after you return from the honeymoon. Any wedding gifts that arrive before the wedding should be responded to ASAP.

Don’t send a preprinted thank you card – sending a preprinted card or email is like telling someone their gift didn’t mean much to you. Take the time to write a personal, yet brief handwritten thank you.

Handwrite all of your thank you notes – there’s nothing more sincere then mentioning the exact gift and name of the person who gave it throughout the note briefly telling them how much you appreciated it.

Thank your organizers – Those who had a hand in organizing your bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties and wedding reception deserve an extra mention of thanks. Be sure to send extended thank you notes to any bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends or relatives who arranged showers and parties for you. In many cases a gift accompanied by a thank you card is called for.

Even though wedding etiquette doesn’t tell you to send thank you notes to those living under the same roof as you (for example siblings, parents, roommates); these individuals will likely take on important roles in organizing your showers and wedding reception. Therefore, some form of acknowledgement for their hard work is warranted such as a small thank you gift and handwritten card.

Each gift deserves thanks – A separate thank you note is necessary if you receive more than one gift from the same person. To make your thank you note personal, each gift must be recognized with a separate acknowledgement card.

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