How to Save on Wedding Invitations

Tips for Reducing The Costs

Wedding invitations can be very expensive. If you are on a tight wedding budget you may need to look for ways to save on wedding invitations.

The reason wedding invitations are so expensive is because of the high grade of paper used to make them. After all, wedding invitations serve as a memento and shouldn’t disintegrate over time. For this reason 100% rag, made of cotton or linen, is often used to print wedding invitations. A cheaper wedding invitation can be printed on wood pulp, but this paper is highly acidic and will discolor over time.

The following are some tips to save on wedding invitations:
  • Choose a simple design and it will cost less than an elaborate or layered invitation.
  • If you desire an elaborate design, keep the cost down by choosing inexpensive paper.
  • Order early as rush orders and overnight shipping can cost 50% more.
  • Order the right quantity of invitations up front, as printing additional invitations is pricey.
  • Include reception information and ceremony/reception information on the same invitation.
  • Rather than hire a stationer/calligrapher to address your envelopes enlist friends to help.
  • Instead of a separate reply card and envelope, have reply postcards made in the same style and paper. This will save on paper and postage.
  • Create your own invitations using a wedding invitation kit and your computer. Computer printed invitations made on high-quality paper and decorated with rubber-stamps, wax seals and ribbon are often indistinguishable from professionally printed invites.
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