Best Man Duties

His Number One Guy

The best man is the groom's right hand man throughout the wedding planning and during the wedding day. In addition to taking care of details (big and small) the best man provides moral support to the groom during this exciting, yet stressful time. Often working with the maid of honor the best man's duties are intended to make the wedding as enjoyable as possible for the couple.

Wedding Planning Duties:

Wedding Day Duties:

  • Bring any necessary decorations or equipment to the reception site
  • Help the groom get dressed
  • Help get the groom and groomsmen to the ceremony on time
  • Drive the groom to the wedding ceremony if necessary
  • Hold the bride's ring until the exchange of rings
  • Witness the signing of the marriage license
  • Give the wedding officiant and vendors their payment envelope
  • Participate in the wedding photos
  • Stand in the receiving line
  • Give the best man's speech and toast
  • Dance the first dance with the maid of honor
  • Drive the couple to the hotel or airport following the reception
  • Deliver the wedding gifts to bride's or groom's parents' house
  • Return the groom's tuxedo to the formalwear rental store the day after the wedding
  • Anything the groom requires, within reason

The most important of the best man's duties is to simply "be there" for the groom. More often than not, the groom just needs a second opinion or a sympathetic ear. While the wedding tends to focus on the bride and her duties the groom can also get stressed or worried about the wedding. Just having a shoulder to lean on can go a long way in keeping him calm and relaxed.

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