Choosing your Best Man

His Number One Guy

Like choosing the maid of honor, choosing your best man is a personal, often difficult decision. Of the best man's responsibilities and the most important is to provide moral support to the groom throughout the wedding planning process and in particular on the wedding day itself. Given the best man's prominence in the wedding party, the groom (and the bride) should think carefully about selecting the "best man for the job". For this reason the groom should consider someone he feels comfortable with, can easily communicate with and most importantly trust completely. There are other factors you should consider when choosing the best man:

  1. It doesn't have to be family: Don't feel obligated to choose a family member as your best man. Instead, choose someone that is very important in your life and can offer you loyalty and support on your wedding day. More often than not, a brother or cousin happens to fit the bill.
  1. Distance does matter: if the best man lives thousands of miles away, it will difficult for him to communicate and participate in wedding planning and other pre-wedding events (engagement party, "stag and doe" parties and bachelor party). If a lot of extra help is required a local best man may be a better choice.
  2. Consider the best man's past and future: consider your best man's past behavior. If he's always been there for you when you needed him he'll likely make a trustworthy best man. Also, consider his future. Does he have a child on the way? Is he going through a divorce? If so, he may not be able to give his full attention and efforts to your wedding.
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