Choosing your Groomsmen

Selecting His G-Men

The groomsmen are a group of the groom's closest family and friends that advise and support him throughout the entire wedding process. Therefore when choosing your groomsmen, reliability is perhaps the key aspect to consider. However, if you are blessed with several great guys in your life these tips may help you distinguish the few from the many.

  1. Consider the number of guests: the traditional rule is one groomsman per every fifty guests. However, that "rule" is a suggestion only. You can have as little or as many groomsmen as you like. As a general guide, larger weddings tend to be more formal in nature and therefore require more groomsmen, while fewer groomsmen are ideal for smaller, more intimate weddings.
  1. You don't have to include family: while the traditional rule is to include brothers from both the groom's and bride's families you're not obligated to include relatives in the wedding party. In fact, in situations where there are many male relatives it may be easier to select close friends instead and avoid hurt feelings by having to leave someone out. In any event, choose those that play an active, important role in you life and can be relied on leading up to and during the "big day".
  2. Reciprocation not required: although you were a groomsman in a friend's wedding five years ago you are not required to return the favor. Select groomsmen that are important in your life now, not five years ago.
  3. Money issues: there are many costs associated with being a groomsman: tuxedo rental, bachelor party, engagement/wedding gifts and possible travel. Consider your groomsmen's current financial state. Can they afford to be in your wedding? If not, are you willing to assume some of the costs if it means including them in your wedding party? Money is a private matter and should only be discussed with discretion and tact.
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