Choosing Your Maid of Honor and Best Man

Couple's Guide to Your Wedding Support System

When you wed your one true love, you want your wedding day to be the most special day you share together. Having your closest friends and relatives' help and support is the key to making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. So who do you both choose to stand beside you at the altar and to help you plan and perfect your vision of a wonderful wedding day?

Your best bet is to select those friends and family closest to you who are proven dependable and trustworthy. The best man and maid or matron of honor are the attendants who will have the most responsibility, and should be people you trust to assist and support you both now and in the future.

Too often maid/matron of honor and best man responsibilities are taken lightly, so make sure your attendants know what their anticipated roles will be. Be aware that friends and family may have to decline your invitation to this position of honor due to time constraints or expenses. Consider these matters when asking your friends and family to fill these roles.

The main duties of both the maid/matron of honor and best man are to help the bride and groom prepare for their wedding day. Nothing is written in stone and responsibilities can be distributed between bridesmaids and groomsmen as well. Here is a list of best man and maid/matron of honor responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, traditional duties and roles.

Maid of Honor and Best Man's Responsibilities

Maid/Matron of Honor Best Man

Listen to and lend support to bride and groom as needed.

Shop for bride's dress and bridal party attire.

Arrange tuxedo fittings for groom and groomsmen.

Address, assemble and mail invitations.

Assist groom in getting ready on wedding day.

Host the bridal shower with help from bridesmaids.

Help groom plan the honeymoon.

Plan bachelorette party.

Host bachelor party.

Assist bride in getting dressed and ready on wedding day.

Arrange groom's transportation to ceremony.

Adjust veil and train before walking down aisle, during ceremony, as needed.

Hold on to wedding rings and marriage license.

Holds bride's bouquet during ceremony.

Pay the officiant and other wedding vendors.

Holds groom's wedding ring during ceremony if there is no ring bearer.

Oversee timetable with maid/matron of honor to ensure everything is on time.

Witnesses signing of the marriage license.

Give the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception.

Helps bride bustle wedding dress prior to reception.

Arrange transportation for couple to post-reception destination.


*Keep in mind that the responsibilities of the best man and maid of honor depend on how much responsibility you would like them to have. Try not to overload your maid of honor and best man, but don't forget that they are there to help and support you - that's why you chose them!

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