Wedding Photography & Video

Your Wedding in Pictures

When the wedding's long over your wedding photos will allow you to relive every wonderful moment again and again. For this very reason your wedding photos should be beautiful pieces of art which perfectly capture the style of the wedding and all the emotions of that day.

To ensure your wedding photos are keepsakes you'll cherish forever, start by hiring an experienced, professional wedding photographer. The key word here is experienced - you'll want a photographer who can easily handle any unexpected incidents during the wedding. Did three light bulbs go out at the ceremony site? No problem - they brought their own lights. Is the garden where you wanted the photos taken under renovations? They can suggest another beautiful location. Is your flower girl acting less than charming? They can coax a smile from her.

When choosing a photographer, it's important to hire someone you're comfortable working with. They should be open to your suggestions and should offer guidance in return. If you're happy with your photographer it shows in the photos. However, if you're unhappy with your photographer your unhappiness will show.

While hiring a wedding photographer is not cheap (approximately $2500) there are ways to reduce the cost. Get packages, don't purchase the "extras" and have family and friends help out. Of all the ways to save on wedding photography don't hire an amateur. Your wedding photos shouldn't be entrusted to incapable hands.

Store your wedding photos and other wedding memorabilia in a wedding album. These can be purchased from the photographer or purchased elsewhere. The benefit of purchasing it separately from the photographer is cost (studios tend to overcharge on wedding albums) and there is a greater selection of colors and styles elsewhere.

Wedding videos are another excellent way to preserve your wedding memories. While a wedding photo captures an image, a wedding video captures the moment - the image, the voices and the actions.

Finally, there are various wedding photo tips for producing incredible pictures. Shoot the photos at an interesting location (garden, beach, or landmark), use natural poses and consider still life photos. The idea is to take photos that are not only interesting, but also perfectly capture your entire wedding.

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