Choosing a Photographer

Things to Know

Before choosing a photographer first know the style and theme of your wedding. After all, the photos should perfectly reflect the entire feel of your wedding. Start your search by asking family and friends for recommendations. If they don't have any suggestions try the reception site - they have worked with many vendors and may be able to suggest a photographer. Lastly, try the yellow pages.

When meeting with photographers look carefully through their samples. How are the quality of the wedding photos and videos? Is the lighting good? Was each person well framed? How does the photographer use their surroundings? Lastly, are the pictures interesting - do they tell a story? This is your only chance to capture your wedding on film - don't leave it in the hands of someone inexperienced.

If you're meeting with a photography studio which has many photographers insist on meeting the person who'll actually take your photos. Discuss where you're getting married, the time of day and year and how many are in the wedding party. The photographer will need to get an idea of how to shoot his photos, so he can plan accordingly. The photographer should be open and receptive to your ideas and should be able to make suggestions of his own. In particular, if your photographer is local they should be able to suggest locations for the wedding photos; both indoors and outdoors. You should be comfortable working with your photographer - any aversion or discomfort you feel towards your photographer will show in the pictures.

Most studios will have many wedding photo packages to choose from. However, if a particular package doesn't suit your needs they should be willing to create an individual package. Also be upfront about how much your wedding budget allows; a good photographer should be able to work something out. Also be willing to provide the photographer with a list of required photos, for example: one with the couple and their parents together. A list of required shots will help the photographer if you have divorced parents.

While color photos will always be popular, black and white and sepia photos add an elegant touch to your wedding album. Black and white photos lend a sophisticated, formal air, while sepia photos provide a timeless touch. You will need to decide in advance whether you want black and white or sepia photos, as it requires separate film. Once you have chosen your photographer get all the details of the service in a contract.

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