How to Save on Wedding Photography

Tips for Saving on Your Photos

Your wedding photos can be one of the more expensive costs of the wedding; on average a small wedding held on a Saturday can cost $2500. In fact, most couples underestimate the cost of wedding photos by 50 percent. Which means they spent twice as much than they originally budgeted. Keep that in mind when creating your wedding budget.

Of the various tips on how to save on wedding photography, hiring a student photographer often tops the list. Before you consider this option remember you'll only have one opportunity to photograph your wedding. Do you want to leave such an important event in the hands of an amateur? Granted, there are students out there with superb skills, however they tend to lack experience. Save yourself possible grief and have your wedding photos done by a professional.

There are many useful tips on how to save on wedding photography; some will save you quite a bit and others only a little.

Limit the photographer's time: sometimes the photographer's rate is based on time or the number of rolls shot. In which case consider having the photographer only take formal or complicated photos during the ceremony and have a skilled friend or relative take other photos during the reception.

Get a package: Instead of purchasing all the photos and other items separately order a package. If there's something not in the package that you'd like ask the photographer to consider exchanging it for something else without raising the price.

Don't automatically consider the cheapest package: often additional prints or different sizes are not included in the cheapest or smallest package - which means you could pay a lot extra to get them. Consider going with a more inclusive package.

Don't get all the extras: options such as the "deluxe" wedding album or custom framing pictures can make costs add-up quickly. Focus on purchasing only the photos. The album and framing you can purchase much cheaper elsewhere.

Get the negatives: unfortunately many photographers don't include the negatives with your photos. Ask if you can receive or purchase the negatives - you'll be able to get copies whenever you want and for much cheaper than most studios charge.

Have your guests help out: put disposable cameras on the reception tables and encourage the guests to take photos. Great for candid photos!

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