Wedding Album

Your Wedding Memories

A wedding album can often be bought directly from the wedding photographer. Unfortunately, they tend to be expensive and the photos are sorted randomly rather than in an order you may prefer. Also, if you have more wedding photos than the album can hold the additional photos are not put in the album (you will still receive them but they are just in an envelope). Lastly, the available wedding album colors and styles are limited.

If you are purchasing a wedding album through the photographer make sure the album can hold photos of multiple sizes as well as many items per page. Your other option is to simply buy your own wedding album.

If purchasing your own wedding album ensure the album can hold multiple sizes. Also buy an album of superior quality. This album is to hold and preserve your wedding photos; it shouldn't fall apart and consequently damage the photos. A leather album is a durable and attractive choice and ensure you get non acidic pages so the wedding photos don't deteriorate.

Once the wedding album has been purchased the next step is to gather and organize all the photos and mementos you plan to include. Start by asking family and friends for doubles of photos they may have taken. These are in addition to the pictures from the wedding photographer.

Wedding mementos can include your wedding invitation, a copy of your wedding vows, a list of the wedding gifts you've received and much more.

You can arrange the photos and mementos in a wedding album in any order. Or you may choose to follow a more chronological order: wedding preparations/events (bridal shower, rehearsal dinner), wedding ceremony, wedding reception and finally the honeymoon. Perhaps you'll decide to group photos by wedding party member: bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, etc. You can separate photos and mementos or assemble them together. Either way, it's your choice. Not only should your wedding album be a reflection of your wedding, but it should also signify the couple's unique styles and tastes.

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