Your Bridal Registry

When the going gets tough, the tough get shopping

The greatest thing about planning your bridal registry is that it’s like shopping without spending any money! Bridal registries are lists of gifts from specific stores that you and your future spouse would like as wedding presents. Stores will keep a copy of your wish list and as your guests buy gifts, the store will check off which items have been bought. This goes a long way toward reducing the number of duplicate gifts you’ll get.

Registries also help ensure the gifts you receive will match your home’s color schemes. On your registry, you’ll indicate what kind of gift you want, how many you want, which brand you prefer and what colors you’d like (if there are options). For example, you might register for two navy blue hand towels from a specific linen company for your bathroom.

When to register
Register before you send out your invitations but not too far in advance. The store might stop carrying a color or style you like between when you register and your wedding date. Keep in mind potential wedding showers and engagement parties and be sure to register before those celebrations begin.

What to register for
Registries don’t just stop with flatware and dishes. Most major department stores have registries that let you choose from anything in the store including luggage, cookware, home furnishings, power tools and camping gear. In most cases, if it’s there, you can register for it! Our Gift Registry Checklist can help you keep track of everything you’ll need.

There are a few things that should make it on to every couple’s wedding registry. Be sure that somewhere in your list you include:

  • Casual dishes
  • Casual glasses
  • 20-piece flatware set (four place settings)
  • Mixing bowls
  • Cookware
  • Bed linens
  • Towels
  • Wine glasses
  • Knives

As tempting as it may be, modern etiquette says that you shouldn’t include information about where you’re registered in your wedding invitations. Depend on your family and other members of your wedding party to spread the word - and don’t worry, your guests will be asking. If you include info about where you’re registered in your invitation, you can look like you expect guests to bring gifts.

Even if your whole home is furnished top to bottom, never tell your guests that they can just give you cash instead of gifts. Be polite in telling them that your house is well stocked and most of them will figure out for themselves that a gift of money would be the safest bet.

Famous Bridal Registries

Certain department stores are known for their bridal registries. You've probably attended a wedding that was set up at the Dillards bridal registry, Boscovs bridal registry or (if you're Canadian) The Bay bridal registry at some point in your life. There's no reason why you have to use these bridal registries, but they can make things easier for everyone involved. These stores definitely know their stuff when it comes to bridal registries.

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