Your Cake Checklist

Wedding Cake Record

On your wedding day, you can have the cake of your dreams and eat it, too! Traditional sponge cake with white icing is a thing of the past; today's wedding cakes come in all shapes, sizes, flavors and colors - your wish is the baker's command! Find a caterer or baker who specializes in wedding cakes and who regularly works with couples to fulfill their wedding cake visions. Look through their cake albums to find a style you like and make sure to sample just a little of everything!

From a three tiered dark chocolate cake with passion fruit mousse filling to lemon poppy-seed cake and orange crème icing, the choices for your wedding cake are almost limitless. Can't choose just one luscious filling? Go for one in each tier!

Decorations and toppers for your cake aren't limited to the conventional bride and groom anymore, either. Everything from fresh flowers, lace, charms and jewels can adorn the dessert of your dreams.

Don't be afraid to make special requests - it is your wedding cake after all. Use our cake checklist to keep track of your decisions throughout the flurry of taste-testing and choosing your wedding cake will be, well, a piece of cake!

Wedding Cake Checklist

______ Cake Budget

_____ Number of Guests

_____ Number of Slices

Style of Cake

___ Traditional

___ Contemporary

___ Home Made

___ Dramatic

___ Unique

___ Ornate

___ Regal

___ Square

___ Round

___ Simple

Shape and Structure

___ Cupcakes

___ Heart

___ Rectangle

___ Round

___ Sheet Cake

___ Tiers with Columns

___ Stacked tiers

___ Other

Decorations and Trimmings

__ Cake Top

__ Sugar Flowers

__ Chocolate Shavings

__ Fresh Flowers

__ Gold or Silver Leaf

__ Pearls

__ Bride and Groom Figurine

__ Other

Flavors and Fillings

__ Chocolate

__ Truffle

__ Mocha

__ Spice

__ Almond

__ White Chocolate

__ Angel Food

__ Berries and Whipped Cream

__ Raspberry

__ Lemon

__ Orange

__ Carrot

__ Golden

__ Liqueurs (Grand Marnier)

__ Mousse

__ Other


__ White

__ Ivory

__ Blue

__ Pink

__ Peach

__ Tan

__ Yellow

__ Red

__ Lavender

__ Other


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