Fetching Fall Wedding Fashions

Dress to impress at your autumn wedding

Fall is a season for romance. As the weather cools, you’ll be looking forward to spending weekends tucked away, enjoying life as a married couple. You and your wedding party will look classically elegant in the rich colors of fall. Attire to help keep you warm like capes, cloaks and stoles add a romantic look to your big day.

Contemporary colors
Many fall brides choose to incorporate vibrant fall colors into their wedding dresses. Embroidery or beading in deep red, eggplant or navy blue gives a fall bride’s wedding dress a contemporary look. Dress designs that incorporate fall colors into sashes or replace a traditional train with a vibrantly colored panel are a popular choice and look truly stunning. When it comes to dress color, opt for cream or ivory over icy whites. Autumn colors are warm and a chilly white can make your dress distracting.

Autumn bridal makeup allows for a smokier look to your eye shadow or eyeliner - just avoid the raccoon circles! Warm colors on the lips will make you pucker perfect and a hint of bronzer can help extend your summer tan.

Keep the chill away
Autumn days can be pleasantly warm, but the further into the season you get, the chillier the afternoons and evenings become. Brides can stay warm in the fall with classically elegant capes and faux fur stoles. Incorporate your family heritage with a wrap made from family tartan. If you’re planning outdoor pictures in a country setting, look cute and stay warm by wrapping yourself in a swath of soft plaid flannel - choose a design that incorporates your wedding colors.

Fall weddings are the ideal time to wear wedding gowns of heavier fabrics with full skirts. If you’re looking for a sleeker silhouette that’s still warm, sheer sleeves that extend from a square neckline have a contemporary medieval feel. Thin sleeves look elegant and can still keep the chill off.

Bridesmaids’ dreams come true
Fall is a favorite season for bridesmaids because this is when it’s most appropriate to put them in the yearned for “little black dress”. Black bridesmaid dresses at autumn weddings look chic when given a hint of color through a wrap for their shoulders, a brooch to pin on or a vibrant bouquet. Black dresses are the most versatile option for bridesmaids and can definitely be worn again - which they’ll thank you for. Choose long sleek styles if you’re getting married in the colder months of autumn, or lengths just below the knee when it’s warmer. If you’re opting for shorter lengths in a cold part of the season, give your bridesmaids capelets in one of your other wedding colors to keep them warm during photos and the drive to the reception.

Every groom and his attendants look sharp in classic tuxedos and fall is a great time to rely on this look. If you want to make it modern, choose brocade vests in a solid color. Tuxes with a thin, grey pinstripe also look great in the fall. To keep your wedding party coordinated, match groomsmen’s vests to your bridesmaids’ dress color. If you’re going with black for the bridesmaids’ dresses, you can match the guys’ vests to another of your wedding colors to set them off.

Incorporate some of the spectacular colors of fall into your wedding attire for a look that you’ll love. Remember to dress for the season. That doesn’t mean bundling under layers all night, but have warm options available on your way too and from the ceremony, then ditch the layers as the dancing starts!

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