Luxurious Fall Wedding Colors

Keep the home fires burning with warm tones for fall

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year - especially for a wedding. Fall’s color palette is full of rich, warm tones that remind us of bountiful harvests and the wealth of the land. Deep, vibrant colors are a perfect complement to the season and are very striking against a crisp autumn sky. Pastels are an uncommon choice for an autumn wedding but can be used to accent darker colors - think lavender against eggplant or tan with espresso.

Down to earth
Even with the cooling autumn weather, the blaze of color in the changing leaves and the slowly fading heat from the earth keep autumn from being a frigid season. Warm earth and jewel tones are ideal for a fall wedding - they harmonize with the changes in nature and are breathtaking in photos. When selecting earth or jewel tones for your fall nuptials, look for options like:

  • Browns - mocha, cinnamon, umber, rust or espresso on their own or all together are a great, warm base colors for a fall wedding
  • Yellows - from sunflower to mustard, yellows add brightness to autumn days, just steer away from lighter, pastel shades
  • Oranges - tangerine, ginger and pumpkin orange are striking as base colors and add brightness as highlights
  • Reds - wine, brick, crimson, terra cotta, cranberry and burgundy give a fiery look to bridesmaids dresses and bridal bouquets and are equally appealing on table cloth overlays and linens
  • Purples - darker eggplant shades are an ideal base color with highlights of pansy or amethyst
  • Greens - khaki, celadon, olive and hunter green are classic accent colors for fall celebrations

Heavy metals
Metallic colors are stunning for fall weddings - try using them in bridesmaid dresses, table cloth overlays or chair covers. When selecting fabrics, opt for materials that have a sheen - like satin or charmeuse - to enhance the look. For a rich, luxurious feel choose:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Pewter

Autumn brides have many color options to choose from, but white shouldn’t be one of them. If possible, choose cream colored linens instead of bright whites for a better blend with other warm fall colors. Using toasty fall colors in your wedding will create a welcoming, cozy environment for your guests.

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