Absolutely Fabulous Fall Wedding Favors

Harvest time favors to impress your guests

Autumn is all about the harvest! This is the season when kitchens are hopping with preparations for the colder months ahead and fall favors are a great reflection of these culinary delights. From sweet to savory, edible favors are a popular choice for fall weddings. People eat well in the fall and they drink well too. Autumn wine festivals are a great time to sample vintages for your reception dinner - and to pick up wine-themed wedding favors. Add these favors to the list of things you’re thankful for this fall!

From the kitchen
Visit a local farmer’s market on the weekends to stock up on these great fall favors:

  • Candy apples - traditional candy red or creamy caramel coated apples will bring out the kid in your guests.
  • Jars of homemade preserves - even the least kitchen-savvy couple can whip up large batches of easy classics like red pepper jelly, salsa or freezer jams. Not convinced? Hit up bridesmaids and grandmas for help.
  • Candy corn - save money by stocking up on this old fashioned favorite the day after Halloween. Small brown paper bags filled with this confection will disappear in no time.
  • Maple syrup - your guests will love small bottles of this flavorful syrup, or wrap up sinfully sweet maple sugar candies that will melt in their mouths.
  • Chocolates - tie in your color scheme by bundling together chocolates wrapped in autumn colored foils. Look for chocolatesilled with fall flavors like maple, mocha or caramel.
  • Herbal tea - many herbal teas come in artistic pyramid shaped bags. Your guests will appreciate enjoying a relaxing cup on cold fall days.
  • Leaf motif - the most popular symbol of fall is brightly colored leaves. Look for ornaments and candles that incorporate the foliage theme.
  • Sachets of mulling spices - it’s impossible to resist the spicy smell of hot, mulled apple cider. Make your own sachets of mulling spices or buy them in bulk and attach instructions.
  • Popcorn balls - another traditional treat; popcorn balls in peanut butter or caramel flavors will delight your guests.
  • Apple butter - in autumn, almost every stall in the farmer’s market will be offering homemade apple butter. This tangy spread is a perfect on hot toast or muffins.
  • Nut brittles - another easy homemade treat, try fancier varieties like cashew, walnut or pecan brittle.
  • Fudge - your guests will have a hard time saying no to pieces of fresh chocolate or maple walnut fudge.

Wining and dining
Wine-themed favors are another popular choice for autumn weddings. Why not use corks as charmingly simple place card holders? If you and your sweetie are oenophiles, thank your guests with:

  • Corkscrews
  • Bottle stoppers
  • Wine charms
  • Cheese spreaders

With so many options to choose from, couples who marry in the autumn are sure to find a favor that perfectly fits their wedding. Want to give homemade favors but don’t feel confident in your crafting skills? Don’t hesitate to ask bridesmaids and relatives for their help or expertise - it can be their wedding present to you!

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